Kaiserin’s Champion Trick Video

I couldn’t post Kaiserin’s trick video in the blog when I tried the other day, but I think I can post a link to it on YouTube! It is a bit long (8 minutes) because there are a lot of categories you have to cover but stay watching, I think the best parts are near the end. 🙂 Hopefully this link works:

2 thoughts on “Kaiserin’s Champion Trick Video”

  1. Congratulations Kaiserin!! All your hard work paid off! Tell your mama thats an awesome video, we smiled all the way through it!! You GO girl!
    Codie Rae and the OP

  2. Yesssss! That’s exactly it, you have to upload to YouTube first. You got it and we LOVED watching it tonight. WOW she is amazing and you are as amazing too. GREAT JOB!!!

    Kaiserin is an inspawration to everyone who thinks that their dog’s life is over when they lose a leg. Thank you for sharing what is pawsible on three!!

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