Trick Dog Champion

Two weeks ago we submitted a video to try to get our Do More With Your Dog trick dog champion title. We already have the other 4 levels but this is the highest. Last week we found out we passed. Today Kaiserin’s medal, ribbon and certificate arrived in the mail so she is officially a trick dog champion. We did all the tricks with 3 legs and I hope it shows what a tripawd can accomplish! I am so proud of my girl! ❤️ For those who are reluctant to amputate and worry what the future holds. The future can truly hold great things!

9 thoughts on “Trick Dog Champion”

  1. Way to go Kaiserin! What a great way to show how Tripawds Rock.
    You should really post this in the forums- maybe in the ‘Shout Out’ forum. Everyone should see the inspiration that is Kaiserin!

    Karen and the Spirit Pug Girls

  2. Wowwwweee! Oh my dog I’m so hoppy for you guys, this is so inspawrational for all three-leggers of the world! Some of those tricks are extremely difficult. We would love to see some video!

    We reviewed the Trick Dog Training Book a few years ago. It’s so much fun, we encourage all Tripawd parents to give it a try. Good for you for always reaching for a new certification. Now what’s next?

    1. I did not see you had a review of the trick book! It is an amazing idea for tripawds because it is something to occupy their minds when maybe they can’t do as much physical activity as they used to. Plus the program has options, lists of tricks to choose from, so you can just leave out the ones they may not be physically capable of doing. We did everything like a “normal” dog would do right up to the champion level where we had to get a special permission for the “hind end coordination” to do something different from the requirements. I would have liked to post the video here but I just tried and it is too long. I can post it on facebook and it is on youtube at this link

      1. Oh, and to answer the “What’s Next?” – Kaiserin will be competing more to get higher titles in Nosework! And as far as tricks go, I am starting the Novice level with her 4- legged little brother (who is way harder to work with LOL)

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